According to changes in regulations and cancellation of agreements between countries of CIS, EEMC was renamed to Public Registration Authority of Health Practitioners which appears to be the only competent controller of health practitioners.

Therefore, beginning from 10.10.2014 this organization serves exclusively for Russian Federation. The administration and staff as well as its address remained the same. The PRAHP circular states that samples of logotype, certificates and webpage will be of a new standard starting from 01.11.2014, however the documents issued before 01.11.2014 are still valid. The PRAHP reminds that from 2007 all the documents issued by EEMC are valid.

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Public Registration Authority of Health Practitioners - is the organization representing medical professionals in the Russian Federation. The organization aims are to protect the interests of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical specialties who have been educated in Russia, as well as to  contribute to their professional development, improve working conditions at home and overseas employment.

Our goals are:

• To increase knowledge of medical staff by providing them with continuous training in Russia and abroad

• To provide a legal protection of both Russian and foreign medical experts have qualified in the RF

• To increase cooperation with other states of the Medical Council




Functions of Public Registry of medical specialists:

• Registration and certification of health professionals: doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and paramedical personnel in accordance with the criteria of national Western medical councils

•To keep the Register of registered members

• Independent Scholarship support of leading specialists in all branches of medicine

• Provide necessary recommendations to the relevant authorities on the preparation and training of medical professionals

• To monitor the compliance with ethical standards of registered doctors


Our services are:

• Issuance of certificates of registration for doctors, nurses and other medical staff

• Issuance of Certificate of Good Standing

• Translation and legalization of documents

• Advice on employment of health professionals abroad

• Courses of foreign languages

• Preparation for international exams

• Legal contract maintance


The Russian Government

The Russian Government

The Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation

Federal service for supervision in the sphere of science and education

Federal service for supervision in the sphere of science and education